Thank you for visiting my shop.
Let me introduce myself... 
My name is Agnese - I am the founder of the Baorri For Body And Mind brand.
Born and raised in Latvia, in the beautiful small town of Madona.
10 years ago, I made the decision to go to England and, like most foreigners I also started working in one of the warehouses.
I started as a warehouse operative and over time I was promoted to shift manager.
Everything seemed to be great - there is a permanent job, regular income - what more can you wish for?
During the last year, I never left the feeling that I was wasting my time, I was not in my place, there was no feeling of fulfilment.
During my trip to Egypt, I accidentally discovered massage oil which I fell in love with - the smell, the consistency, the feeling on the skin...mmmm....
I understood what I wanted, I saw it very vividly and clearly - I want to create my own brand under which I could combine pearls from all over the world.
My first pearls were produced in a small family factory in Egypt - everything is produced especially for me, not taken from a dusty shelf in a warehouse, which also makes my products particularly high-quality. As they are made fresh ,in small batches .
I want to get to know the world and I want to share all of the unique finds with you.
Dream because dreams come true, dare because it's worth it.
Baorri For Body And Mind Owners